Play Backgammon Online With Friends

Play Backgammon on iPad and Kindle Fire

Backgammon against real players.

SimplyBG provides you a way to play backgammon online against real players from any Internet web-browser. Essentially this means you can play backgammon online from anywhere at anytime.

Play backgammon online on your Kindle Fire.

In addition to playing on laptop and desktop, play backgammon online on any mobile device, such as Amazon Kindle Fire, Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface and more. Switch between devices on the fly, in the middle of your game with no effort. No need to save matches, as this is automatic. No need to install software, or download, works directly in your Internet browser.

SimplyBG is perfect for anyone who wants to play more and cannot find an opponent for face to face play. If you’re that person who loves to play but needs to balance regular life schedules with backgammon time, SimplyBG is worth looking into.