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Play Backgammon Online With Friends


Play backgammon online with friends at, an online backgammon play manager that lets you choose your opponent and save you games to finish later.

Play against friends, real players, choose your opponent, save your games and matches, keep track of all your finished games. Check out the full list of features at the SimplyBG backgammon features page.

Simple to get started. This App allows you to play friends, there is nothing to download or install. Works directly from your Internet web-browser on any device, tablet, mobile or laptop. Registration is free. SimplyBG is built to run within the trusted confines of an Internet Web-Browser. It is safe and secure.  See our easy to read Privacy Policy.

To get started, create an account using your email address as your login-id. Registration is simple. On the login screen, provide your email as your unique identity, choose a password and Login . One click registration.

Once you are logged-in, you can invite opponents to matches by using the built-in player invite system. You’ll will be able to create game matches and invite others to play. You may also join existing matches.

How SimplyBG Works

SimplyBG uses Web-services provided by for complete game match and tournament play management. All dice rolls are produced by www.Random.Org. Board display, animations, play and player interaction management uses standard/built-in browser technologies which makes it fast and safe.

The design of the platform is one that considers all potential instabilities computers, Internet and technology in general may have. and are solid-state in that these systems guarantee play management, dice roll management, game rules management, and player turn management flawlessly.

In addition to using www.Random.Org for all dice rolls, a queue management system ensures the distribution of the rolls are never duplicated or missed. As well, an early detection system is in place to detect potential failures and correct them before game play is effected.

Game stats are maintained and locked-in at the moment a player performs a roll, a move, a double challenge or offers a resign. Once an action is taken in a game, it is committed and safe.