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Welcome to and, where you choose your opponent and play backgammon online with friends.

SimplyBG is dedicated and focused solely on the backgammon board game, no other games. This is the place where you can play backgammon against friends, play backgammon against others, play backgammon live. Play online from your mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Play at your own pace. You and your opponent choose the pace to play at. Your games are saved and are available whenever you return.

Includes pro-features like player ratings (ELO), double cube, play variations; Nackgammon, Longgammon and Hypergammon. Play match-play rules or money-play rules. Matches and games are watcheable by others or can be set to private mode.

SimplyBG is a virtual backgammon board play manager. Play against friends and favourite opponents from anywhere in the world, at any time. is a Web-Application, requires no downloads and there is nothing to install. Works naturally on your desktop, laptop, tablet or any mobile device. (iPad,Kindle-Fire,Android,iPhone,Mac,Windows and Linux)

Regular Backgammon Tournaments, weekly and daily
Regular Backgammon Tournaments, weekly and daily

Have a look at some of the recent and interesting advances and features at

• Embedded chat and video within the playing board for direct communication with your opponent.

Embedded Chat & Video
Embedded chat and video within the playing board for direct communication with your opponent.

Playing online against others can still seem like you're playing a computer. To help create the face-to-face experience we have while playing backgammon on a real board, SimplyBG has provided a way to offer a video chat directly with the game board.

• Integrated replay/review feature.

Moves Replay
Replay moves of the Games

Some players like to analyze thier completed matches. SimplyBG offers export of matches to popular analysis programs like and eXtreme-Gammon. Even without exporting your finished match, SimplyBG provides an integrated way to review past moves of finished matches by simply clicking on the move number in the roll-stats.

• Export finished match data into GNU-Backgammon and eXtreme-Gammon

Export match data
Export match data into 3rd Party analysis Programs such as or eXtreme-Gammon.

• High-Contrast Checker Settings

High Contrast Checkers
High Contrast Checkers settings to aid a variety of vision capabilities.

To provide support for a variety of vision strengths, SimplyBG has preference settings to set the checker colors to high-contrast values as desired.

• Parlour Rooms with Chat Find Impromptu Opponents

The Openplay Parlour
The Openplay Parlour is provided to find and invite impromptu opponents to play backgammon.

SimplyBG is primarily engineered to facilitate a pre-arranged match with a specific opponent. However, whenever you're looking to pick up an impromptu match, the Openplay Parlour is where you can find new opponents to play against.

SimplyBG is a superb play manager that runs in your browser on your desktop, tablet or mobile device. Choose your opponent. All matches are saved as you play, to stop and start and finish later.

SimplyBG is an online backgammon play manager with head to head play. It is an alterative to GridGammon and an alternative to GammonSite and is similar to FIBs.